Vespasian Warner Public Library- $1,550

We awarded them $1,550 for their goal to create a young adult lounge space for 9th-12th grade library visitors. The space would be a safe, comfortable and inviting place, encouraging them to spend increased time there. The staff will promote the goal of creating lifelong learners by offering reading suggestions, special events, and other educational initiatives. The lounge will include all types of young adult books, special seating area with a booth, cozy area rug, a device charging station, board games, and decorations.

Child Protection Network- $1,000

We awarded them $1,000. Children are brought to the center and forensically interviewed when there has been an allegation that a child may have been sexually abused, seriously physically abused, a witness to a major crime, and/or a victim of human trafficking. After the interview, the child can be referred to trauma focused counseling. The funding will be used to help with that counseling and build trauma based therapy supplies such as games, books, coping skills boxes, organizers and other needed resources.

Fostering Dignity- $1,000

Fostering Dignity provides new backpacks to Illinois Department of Children and Family Services investigators to provide to a child at the time of an investigation when that child is being removed from his or her home and being placed in foster care. This eliminates the use of a trash bag.

Jump 4 Joy- $960

Jump 4 Joy allows for low-income children that enjoy jumping rope to take those skills and have practices, competitions, and performances. The funding will ensure travel ability to competitions and also have uniforms and proper equipment to jump rope in competitions to showcase their talents.

Muscular Dystrophy Association- $2000

This organization fights to free individuals and families of the individual from the harmful effects of muscular dystrophy, ALS, and other life threatening diseases. We are awarding them 2,000 for their summer camp that will serve kids with neuromuscular diseases. This camp, with various activities such as swimming, horseback riding, and archery, aims to give children an experience they might not have had otherwise and also to be advocates for people with disabilities.

Royal Family Kids Camp- $1950

The Royal Family Kids Camp is a week-long summer camp for local children aged six to seventeen living with muscle disease. This summer camp provides fun and safe outdoor experience with a variety of adaptive activities such as horseback riding, rock climbing, soccer, swimming, zip lining etc.   

Treynor State Bank Entrepreneur Camp- $1540

We provided them with $1540 for a week-long summer entrepreneur camp for junior high school students throughout DeWitt County. The students work in groups to develop a product, business plan, commercial, and business pitch to develop a product, business plan, commercial, and business pitch to investors.