West Bloomington Revitalization Project: "Cyber Space" at The Tool Library

YEP Members Taylor Lindsey (Left) and Kaylee Birlingmiar (Middle) meet at the Tool Library with Robert Bosquez (Right)

One of our 2014 grant cycle recipients is the Tool Library project "Cyber Space"  by the West Bloomington Revitalization Project. They received a grant for $600 from YEP and used the funds to purchase laptop software and networking equipment. The Tool Library's "Cyber Space" allows students to come in to work on homework and get assistance from volunteers and workers.

Recently, two YEP members, Taylor Lindsey and Kaylee Birlingmiar, had the chance to meet with the team and check out their progress! 

A fellow Youth Engaged in Philanthropy member, Kaylee Birlingmair, and I visited the Tool Library, of the West Bloomington Revitalization Project, a few weeks ago. Meeting with Mr. Robert Bosquez, the only part-time employee of the Library, and chatting with his fellow partners was an inspiring experience. Mr. Bosquez mentioned a question that comes up quite frequently is, “Well, why don’t you just charge to rent tools?” The answer to that question has always been no because Mr. Bosquez knows it is the right thing to do. He is such a perfect example of someone who cares for others with all of their heart. It doesn’t matter about the money, or worrying about whether they get a tool returned or not, it is about the impact they are making on the community. The Tool Library runs almost solely on volunteers. Mr. Bosquez, along with his two colleagues whom we met that night, all have full-time jobs elsewhere. Therefore, it is impossible for them to be operating the Library at all times. To run the store-front, there is a requirement of two people, for safety purposes. It has been hard for them to find volunteers, so although many YEP members cannot volunteer as they are not 18 years old, if YEP can spread the word to friends and family looking to serve that would benefit them immensely. Overall, this was an extremely eye-opening, educational experience, and I completely support what the Tool Library is pursuing in our community. 

- Taylor Lindsey

YEP is glad to have funded such a unique and impactful project that continues to thrive!