Each year, the new YEP cohort of members accepts the Teams Challenge and tackles the Course located in the middle of beautiful Camp Timber Pointe at Lake Bloomington! Victories and conquests of the posed challenges are realized as team members learn how to problem-solve and implement solutions together. At the end of the day, comments heard are:


"The day got brighter...actually and metaphorically. We were in the dark at first, but prospects got brighter as we got to know each other." 
“What everyone has to say matters. Even though sometimes people might feel unimportant, they never are. Every person and every opinion counts. We work better when everyone can be heard.”
“We're all different...different strengths and perspectives. We're good apart but great together.”
“We need every spoke (of the wagon wheel); if one breaks, the entire team is broken down. We support each other and work together.”
“We're all a gift to this group!”
“Each color (each temperament/personality) is like a direction--blue, gold, orange, and green. We may point different directions, but we work together to give YEP direction and focus. Everyone showed different personalities and leadership styles today, and that was really cool to see.”
“It may start out messy and confusing, but, by the end, it's beautiful.” 
“There are good times and challenging times...much like we'll experience all year, but we'll get through it all like we did today.” 
“Great way to get to know each other more!”
“We have used humor to break the ice.”
“Time went by quickly.”
“Thought we’d never get past the first “log activity”, but we actually improved as a team by the time we made it to “the see-saw boat”.”
“Good to have at the beginning of the YEP year because it caused bonding.”
“Camp Timber Point was a great experience when YEP connected and learned to work together. By doing these activities, we got a feel of when to step up be a leader, and when is the time to be a follower. That lesson is something all of us will carry for the rest of our lives.”
"We all had a lot of fun at the Timber Pointe challenge course; all the team building activities that we did were extremely challenging, and it required a lot of trial and error. We had a neat opportunity to input a lot of different ideas; by working together and sharing different possible strategies, we were able to complete all of the activities. It was a unique way to practice working together in a team and collaborating. Overall, it was such a great experience!"